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Sales and Management Results, LLC | Fort Worth, TX

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Do you know your employees?

Competency-based assessment tools apply innovative human resource technology, experience and industry-leading predictive models to help organizations reduce costs and achieve strategic goals.

Wherever your challenges are, assessments support the entire employee lifecycle.


  • Hiring and Selection

    Simplify, identify and hire candidates who best fit in a high-performer profile.

  • Onboarding

    Discover learning gaps and target individual needs to help new hires get on their feet.

  • Development

    Assist your leaders and employees to achieve their highest potential - create your "Dream Team".

  • Succession

    Target high potential employees for development and promotion opportunities.


  • Team Building

    Clarify the team's strengths and opportunities: examine how team members and leaders interact.


  • Separation

    Understand why employees voluntarily choose to leave your organization.

Extended DISC® Assessments

What is Extended DISC®?

We also use DISC Assessments. Simply put, our DISC tools measure how a person naturally prefers to do things and interact with others. The DISC model is a tool for self-awareness. In addition, the DISC model lets us identify the styles of others. Once we know our style, the style of others, then we can change our behaviors to improve interactions. DISC refers to the four core sets of behavioral styles. The DISC assessment helps individuals, teams, and organizations make better decisions.