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Sales and Management Results, LLC | Fort Worth, TX

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Meet Our Sandler Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you to do the same.

Sandler Training in Fort Worth, TX

Whatever your company's size and goals, we’ll work with you to identify and design the training solution that best matches your needs.

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Randy Roberson

Randy works closely with small business owners and CEOs to develop their team and improve the bottom line. Through innovative, effective training and consulting, he helps put their organization a step ahead of the competition by delivering training through powerful public and private in-house programs with distance learning available for reinforcement. Randy is retired from the US Air Force and the Texas Air National Guard. In 2007 he deployed on a two-month tour that took him to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Germany, and Djibouti. He was a successful CEO before starting with Sales & Management Results.

Contact Randy:

Phone: 817-233-0024

Tim Barry

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Tim understands the dynamics and challenges of growing a business. Sales training and Leadership training are important, but he also becomes a trusted advisor to the business owners who are paving their way to success through world-class Executive Coaching. Tim helps organizations rise above the noise of their competitors by implementing strategies to differentiate themselves and meet the demands of today’s business landscape. A self-starter with contagious energy, Tim helps clients by shifting the paradigms of managers, individuals and even entire company cultures, creating an environment where the capability for success is boundless.

Contact Tim:

Phone: 630-750-0852

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